Playdates with God: The Dance





I am collecting the small moments, savoring each as it arises. Look, the voice inside says to me, Listen, … Touch. My eyes are opened as if for the first time and all the world is new.

Yesterday, a cold front blew in, bending the trees beneath her hands and strumming the cords of the meadow grasses with the tips of her fingers. The resident squirrel wasn’t deterred from robbing my feeders during the winds, dangling upside down on the tube feeder and swaying back and forth like a flag. Cardinals flitted to and fro in front of my window, braving the tempest with fluffed feathers. The hornet’s nest lost its clutch high in the maple tree and I watched its papery form blow about the back yard. I wondered about the sleeping larvae, I wondered if anyone was home. I could see the honeycombed inside of the thing—broken open and bared to my eyes. I wanted to go out and rescue it from further tumblings, poke it with a stick, peer deep into its inner workings. But I was safe inside and warm, so I just watched its papery edges lift with each frosty gust.

It began to snow, thin gossamer flakes stirred by an unseen hand. Winter has been coquettish this year, teasing us with quick glimpses and then withdrawing. I knew I must say hello. So I bundled up, leashed Bon, and let the wind carry me down the street, twirling with my sister snow. My blood has grown thin from the mild temperatures and my eyes dim with warmth, but when the wind bit my nose and kissed my cheeks, my spirit felt the frolic. Bright-eyed and rosy-cheeked we went, companions to blowing leaves and circling flakes of snow.

I have been a valley of dry bones, but this breath of the Spirit breathed new life into me. Small, I whispered, and let the wind carry the word up into the sky. And the world blew all around me, catching me up in her arms for the dance.

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Laura Boggess


  1. says

    ” I wondered if anyone was home.” What a beautiful thought here in the middle of winter (or maybe just the start?). Today is one of our first really cold days. Perhaps I should go outside and see who is home as well. Beautiful, Laura.

    • says

      When I got home from work yesterday, the nest was still in the back yard. So I went out and snapped a few pictures. I just had to add them to the post. I read up a little on hornets and it seems these nests are only used one time. I must have missed it in our Maple tree last year, but there doesn’t seem to be anybody home now!

  2. says

    I need to learn to be friends with Mistress Winter. I don’t like being cold and this time of year I’m not easily persuaded to go out-of-doors. But my spirit yearns to be dancing and talking to the trees. Lovely playdate, Laura, thank you for sharing!

    • says

      It was so cold yesterday! A little warmer this morning, but I hear we are heading back into the teens overnight. I have been spoiled by the mild temperatures this winter, but I hope I never miss a chance to dance with snow!

    • says

      Necessity brings all kinds of solutions, doesn’t it? My playdates are much smaller now that I’m working full time. This morning, on the way to the hospital, I told God how much I missed the slow days with Him. I have a new respect for those with rich spiritual lives who must budget time wisely. It’s opening my eyes in new ways to the beauty right before me every day. Much love to you, Darlene!

  3. Aliyah says

    “A valley of dry bones” I hear you Laura! I love your words, thank you always for sharing them.
    I come here just for inspiration and some stirring for my soul. Much love Aliyah


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