Playdates with God: Time Bandit


Call me thief, the way I rob time—pick the locks of the moments and steal the treasure inside. Busy is a disease, a dis-ease, more skilled at thievery than I. Saturday, we took Teddy back to school and that morning my laptop crashed, another heist. Although I have my data on backup, finding and re-creating it all has been costly. Passwords, documents, setting up the accounts … I’m on a temporary iPad, thanks to my mother-in-law, and this necessitates finding new ways to do the old familiar. My old brain is tired. When we left Teddy in front of his dorm my heart felt as dry as dust.

I’ve been asking God a lot of questions. Working every day at the hospital, writing, doing ministry, tending the family, taking care of my health … So many good and beautiful things in my life. Out of necessity I’ve shifted focus to the small, trying not to ask too much of each day. In the night, I am depleted, and lean heavily on the Spirit for refreshment.
I remind myself about seasons, as I watch the moon lift her swelling belly into a sea of darkness each night. And I remember what I used to tell my boys when they were younger. “It’s how we handle the hard times that determines our true character.”

So I watch the wind sway the pines on the hills, I feel the current of air underneath a thousand wings ascending into the sky, I study the underside of a moth alight on my window.

Every day, every moment, every second committing a beautiful larceny. This type of robbery is not so difficult. My only weapon is my eyes.

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Laura Boggess


  1. says

    I like the idea of picking the lock of the moment and stealing the treasure inside – but it takes being intentional and sometimes intentional requires energy! Praying for refreshing for you, Laura! Praying Shalom in the moments of your week!

    • says

      Thank you, Maryleigh. Shalom to you, as well. Being intentional is requiring a lot of energy for this old gal! It’s a lesson in currency–where do I want to invest this small bit of oomph I have these days? The question for the ages, no? Much love to you, my friend.

    • says

      I know, Sheila, but I like that truth so much more when I wasn’t having to live it! ;). Thanks for the encouragement, it helps me try to make a better ending to this story. XO

  2. Lynn D. Morrissey says

    Your lyricism (and your heart) always take my breath away…or should I say that you steal my breath? But’s a theft to which I gladly submit. Because I always come away richer for having given up time to be here. It’s not a waste; it’s an investment. I long for God to lift you up on eagles’ wings and to bear your spirit airborne in rest and refreshment. Keep writing….please.

  3. says

    What a beautiful way of describing the difficult balance between doing what we want/need to do and the amount of time to do it in. You’re an amazing woman, Laura.

    • says

      It has been difficult to leave some things behind, Lisa. I’m still living into this place. And you know what? By the time I get comfortable, it will be time to change :). Isn’t this the way of the growing heart? Much love, friend.

  4. says

    I’m always blessed by your beautiful writing Laura, the way you weave poetry and God’s love in your trials and questions, in your seek and find in your writing and share it with all of us yearning…


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