Playdates with God: Supermarket Poetry


At the supermarket the other day, minding my own business. Little cutie and mom wander into my shopping space. She couldn’t have been more than three.

“Mommy,” she says, “I have a poem I want to tell you.”

Mom is distracted. Looking at cans, putting things in the cart. She doesn’t respond.

“Is that ok? Just a little poem?”

Mom says something nondescript. Still no eye contact. We moms have a lot on our minds.

I pause. Pretend to read the label a moment longer.

“I smell the flower, it smells sweetie sweet.
The birdie sounds tweety tweet.
Berries are my favorite tweet.” (She actually said tweet instead of treat. Cute, or what?)

There was more, but mom was walking away and taking the poem with her.

I stood in the aisle, lonely now, repeating the brilliant words of this poem in my head.They made me smile. How sad, thought I, that the mom missed this precious moment.And then:How many moments like this have I missed? Too many.

Life is crazy, and sometimes … sometimes I just don’t have enough to give.

But here is what God has been working in my heart for several years now: Every moment is sacred.

Life goes too fast. To slow down and actually be there in each moment; this is what true living is all about. Instead of impatience, always thinking of the next moment and not appreciating the present; instead, to see my world with eyes of love … this is what Jesus wants me to do.

To be present in each moment. It sounds so simple. Yet … I know I will fail. Over and over again. I do so many times.

But I must try. Because I want to smell the flowers, sweetie sweet. And hear the birds, tweety tweet. But most of all, when this life is over, I want to know that I let love lead me through it. Not time. Or fear. Or shame. Not money, or things. Just love.

Every moment is sacred. I want to live like I believe this.

Because I do.

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Laura Boggess


  1. says

    I guess that mom was quite used to her hearing her daughter’s creativity, but I find that remarkable that a young child that age can not only make up a poem that rhymes AND makes sense, but can use…and I can’t think of the word–the one that says tweat instead of treat—anyway. I thought it was adorable.

    More than that, I found myself judging that mom. Then I thought back to all the things I probably missed by not listening when my children were young. Yes, we moms do get tired. And we get tired of hearing those little voices, precious as they may be, all day and all night long, every day. So, Lord, forgive me for judging before I’ve even left for work! I pray that you will renew a right spirit in me today. May this awareness be the first of many today that I will catch before I judge.

    Thanks, Laura for a wonderful post that touched me deeply. God bless your week.

  2. says

    This story goes so well with my focus this year — of being intentionally present. I’m afraid that I may have been more focused on the price of cucumbers than my kids chattering when I had littles in the shopping cart too.

  3. says

    Beautiful reminder this morning. Every moment sacred. If we truly embrace this thought, we won’t want to miss a moment! It is always good to stop here, Laura, as your words always remind me to be present in this moment. Now. Today. Thank you!

  4. says

    Nothing is wasted – is it? The sweetie sweet poem went straight to someone’s heart – yours! I’m beginning to think that the silver lining to aging is that we begin to really see, understand the grace in each moment – and pull it close, or let is just seep into our souls! I’m so glad you were there to soak up that blessing!

  5. says

    Oh, Laura… love that story but it also breaks my heart because I just want to reach out to that little sweetie and tell her how much I loved her poem! And I want to put my hand on the woman’s shoulder and tell her how much her child’s words touched me, encourage her to listen. I see that so much in stores, people distracted…probably used to tuning out the constant chatter. Understandable to a degree, but like Anne Shirley told Marilla, how much we miss! May the Lord give another chance for the child and the mom to connect on this little beauty!

  6. says

    “Every moment is sacred.” Oh, how many moments I have missed! And will continue to miss. May I awaken more to THIS moment; this where the abundant life truly is. Thanks for sharing this moment with us, Laura. The mom may have missed it, but you captured it for us. The poem is beautiful! 🙂

  7. renee says

    im actually on a God play date right now! My family is in ministry, my husband is a youth pastor, and i am his number 1 helper. I am basically the unpaid and unappreciated female youth pastor. My husband does appreciate me and he lets me know. however our church is small only about 200 memebers. they cant pay us enough and so we are on state health insurance and food stamps. we have been living off of our credit the last 5 years because the church has not been able to give him a raise.
    really it all comes down to me. i have numerous serious health issues which need good insurance. so we have to keep the state insurance because if we were to pay for it, not much would be covered. the church has had to keep us under the set amount so we can stay on it. i cant work because of these problems and we also have a son who is 8 to care for. my father in law is the pastor and my mother in law is the secretary. it is the first time in the 108 year history of the church that they have had more than 1 paid staff and the highest budget ever. we have been blessed to start an orphanage in Guatemala! i mean we are blessed i see that. however it is definitely a 20/80 situation. 20% of the members doing 100% of the work while the other 80% come to get fed every week, this also includes financially giving. we are in major debt and seriously emotionally and physically burnt out because of this. obviously a vacation would be great but it would have to be on credit.

    i had to have a hystorectomy so we really want to adopt a second child. this will never hapen if our financial situation does not change.

    rant done, sorry… i want to thank u because i have missed moments like this one with my own son. how could i be blessed with a second child if i cannot even properly love the one i have?

    i am on a 2 day prayer playdate with God. trying to deal with coming to peace over this isssue. we used all the points on our credit card from all that spending for the hotel, lol. i guess one good thing came from that!

    please freinds pray for me! my husband needs me to stand strong beside him right now because he too is frustrated. Our youth group is amazing we have 40+ kids and all but 3 are from the community (their parents dont go to church) we disciple almost all of them one on one throughout each month, some weekly. our ministry is amazing but we r burnt out, and feel very under appreciated! some members of the church are huge supporters, one family even is giving us $8000 towards our debt but that isnt even half of the debt. plus student loans which are thankfully in deferment. we r $600 short just to pay bills every month. that is where the credit cards come in.

    i am only 32 so disability is not really an option, my husband works 50+ hours a week so he cant work another job.
    so. please pray for us, suggest things if u have any ideas, we need Gods family to step up and help us right now, we r falling 🙁

    thnx for listening!

    • says

      Renee, I’m afraid your story is often a familiar one in ministry. Because it is our “job” to serve, we often get taken advantage of and end up burnt out and broken. T sounds like you love your husband and church family a lot. It also sounds like they love you and are trying to help. I wish I had an answer for you. I wonder if there is a small business you can do from home that might help a little. Have you ever checked out Vibella Jewelry?

      I wonder if something like that might be an option? I’m praying for you, dear one. Please keep me posted. I want to keep praying specific gifts for you and your family.


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