West Virginia Morning: Light Comes Early


When I take Bonnie out this morning, the blue light of night still lingers. The stars still haven’t shut their eyes and I wave at Orion as we wind around the house. At the edge of the dome, light striations are only just beginning. To me, they look like layers of phyllo, layers of light, and the goodness of the earth’s rotation rouses a slight lift in my spirit.

The light comes earlier each morning and the days grow longer. I’m still trying to find a rhythm since returning to work at the hospital every day at the start of the new year. I miss my slow mornings, reading poetry out loud to God and Bonnie, sipping my coffee and underlining words. Yesterday, the sun warmed the winterstruck and Jeff and went walking for the first time in a while. The sparrows were singing their sweet-sad song and I could smell new grass, the earth melting from the outside in. I felt a holy whisper in my ear, grow, it seemed to purr.

As I drove to work this morning, I noticed a new level of comfort—my heart settling in to a new routine. Time. I’m always telling my patients that some things just take time. But it’s the way we take the time that makes all the difference. I’m still learning how to slow in the midst of all this busy, how to notice the kairos in the chronos. I think it will be a life-long lesson.

And I’m okay with that.


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    Beautiful Laura! The melody of our hearts when healthy beat out a similar tune – perfectly timed rhythms. Sounds like you are settling in to yours. Keep your ears open to the whispers and your eyes open to what unfolds in this new chapter. Rhythms only become ruts when we become so familiar we fail to hear or see the unfolding beauty in the moment.

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      Such lovely words, Denise. Thank you for your perspective on rhythms. May we all avoid the ruts by hearing and seeing the unfolding beauty in the moment.

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    beautiful meandering, I felt like I was there, noticing the simple pleasures of the morning so often overlooked..and noticing the call to grow! How I know that feeling of missing the slowness of cherished time..

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    Well, I say I’d be a student for life. 🙂
    Learning something new every day and always keeps us young and always driven.

    Thanks for another beautiful sharing.

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