Home Smells like Lilac and a Winner!



Now, when I take Bonnie out in the mornings, we are greeted by the thick perfume of the lilac bush pushing down heavy on the moist morning air. The skeletal trees surrounding our little valley are fleshing out in white and yellow and green leaves unfolding. The hills are all pinked up with Redbud and spring is working her resurrection magic on my inner geography as well.

Last night, I took Jeffrey to be fitted for his first tuxedo—prom is only two weeks away. Jeff had band practice, so my boy and I were alone for the evening. After dinner, we took Bon for a walk and then went to DQ and picked up some ice cream (I was hankering for a Reese’s blizzard). We sat on the back deck amongst robin song and that heady scent of lilac.  How sweet to savor the moments (as well as the ice cream).

I’ve been gone for two weekends in a row and I can’t explain the rich feeling of anticipation for a weekend at home. I’m looking forward to staying put—to piddling in the yard, and rising with the sun, and worshiping with those who know and love me best.

I love adventures. I love meeting new friends and dining with old ones. But home is the best place. I’m so grateful for home.

The winner of the small stack of books from last week, including a signed copy of Jenn Hand’s 31 Days to Coming Alive and a copy of Deidra Riggs’s Every Little Thing, is … Nancy Sturm! Congratulations, Nancy! I’ll be in touch. Thanks to all who stopped by and commented.


  1. Lynn D. Morrissey says

    Oh weekends. Delicious, arent’ they, Laura? And time w/ your son. I know you are savoring each moment. I wish you were in St. Louis, and I would treat you to Ted Drewe’s Frozen Custard. It is made with real eggs, milk, and honey (a promised-land kind of treat), and it is the best on the planet. They can serve up to 10,000 a night on their busiest summer evening. But lest that daunt you, one must realize how well organized they are. A wait in line is five minutes–max. Organized play! I digress, as usual, but I wish you a happy weekend, happy spring, and happy playdate times with your son!

  2. says

    Lovely lilacs, Laura! One of the top three things I miss about living in Vermont. Of course there, the lilacs don’t bloom until Memorial Day. What a blessing it is to love your home. There are few places I’d rather be. EnJOY your weekend!

  3. Paula Gamble says

    I’m with you, big sis! I’m thankful for home too! I love adventure and friends, but home is a special place where I’m free to rest and work and play with my littles and my man! I know the going makes me appreciate staying even more. We need both!

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