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spring meadow






I am re-entering this place gently, feeling something inside me awakening with the spring. This morning, while the house still slept, I stared long into the meadow beyond the backyard. I remembered when this land was clear and freshly mowed, when Mrs. Casto would ride her lawnmower over to our fence to say hello as my boys played on their swingset. Now, it is a wild thing, fruit trees spilling out over brambly earth.

As I looked on, the robins sang their morning songs and I thought what a gift that brambly meadow must be to them. I wondered what it feels like to peer at the world between branches lit with the light of a thousand white blossoms. And then I thought, why not find out?

So I hopped the fence with my camera, braved the sticker bushes and pokey weeds, and found the place where the deer bed down beneath the trees. I sat on a cushion of wild violets, reclined my head on a pillow of moss. And overhead? A white-blossomed canopy framed up against blue sky. The sun broke through the branchy chuppah all at once and I was held in warm hands. The breeze stirred the trees as I lay, cupped and happy, and a shower of petals fell over me—white mingled with purple on my bed and I breathed the fragrance of beauty.

Life used to be more fresh-cut grass and orderly meadows, but I am finding there is beauty in the wild-brambly. How about you?

Happy spring, Beloveds. Where will you find beauty today?


  1. Lynn D. Morrissey says

    I was just thinking about you, Miss Laura, over the past few days, and hoping I would read your lilting words here soon. I am not disappointed by the beauty you capture through your lens and through your lyricism. Thank you so much for filling my life with such loveliness. I’m afraid I am not finding much beauty in the brambly disarray of paper-clutter. I’m bound and determined to finish pitching and sorting if it kills me. And yet, I know there will be such freedom in simplifying and bringing order to an untamed thing which has grown like topsy–or topsy-turvy is more like it! And b/c our dining room table is arrayed with this ferocity of files, from time to time, I look up and take a glimpse through the big picture window, which is now my window to the world beyond. Thank God for windows! And I am watching the gentle blossoms of spring unfurl, like the unfurling of quiet promises and the breath of life. It gives me hope, just like you do, Laura. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us.

    • says

      Lynn, thank you for always being such an encourager. And thank you for this welcome back. I know what you mean about the paper clutter! Bless you as you sort and simplify, sweet friend. I’m still searching for a rhythm in this new season, but happy these small words found me this weekend. Much love to you.

  2. says


    Your words inspired me over a year ago when I discovered them, and they bless me today as you share the beauty of your world – both the fresh-cut order and the wild-brambly.

    Life here in Maine is damp, gray and raw, although spring will erupt soon. Yes, hope.

    Welcome back.

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      Sharon, thank you for these kind words! I’ve missed seeing my little community of friends here. We are having a little cold snap in West Virginia this week and there is talk of (gasp!) possible snow! Spring is so fickle, isn’t she? But I am still enjoying all the blooms and the blue, blue sky. So good to see you here, friend.

  3. says

    Laura, I’m finding beauty in your poetic prose, the lyrical lilt of them weaving warmth into my weary soul. It’s barely Spring here in the UK and I’ve been a bit more housebound than usual, so I’ve missed seeing life unfurl in the outside world. Family brought me a fresh bouquet of vibrant tulips over Easter and they remain beautiful to me in their dying back. But words always take me to new places and bring beauty into my days. Yours are especially welcome. Thank you. 🙂 x

    • says

      And your words are a lift to my spirit, Joy. Thank you for popping in. It’s so nice to be welcomed back by some of my favorite voices! I do hope the words continue to find me, as this has been the driest season in my writing life yet. It’s a frightening kind of thing, losing one’s voice. But I keep reminding myself God’s timing is perfect and resting in that. Love to you, friend.

    • says

      Thank you, my friend, for stopping by to encourage. Thank you for understanding this dry season. Spring does bring the new and I’ve been waiting with bated breath to see just what it is. I know you know all about those waiting seasons! Love to you, Shelly.

  4. says

    Spring is awakening my heart to writing and taking pictures too. I love what spring does to me. Happy Spring!! Thanks for sharing the beauty of words and pictures…

  5. says

    So thankful to find your delicate, hopeful words in my inbox today, my friend. Happy Spring, Laura. Like you, I almost always find beauty where I look for it 🙂

  6. says

    I was longing for your voice, Laura. So glad to find these words here today. I am not sure if us Californians can truly appreciate springtime–though I do see the signs. Love your descriptions.

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