The Earth Opened Up (a poem) and A Winner!


Have you ever noticed how reading poetry inspires writing poetry? That’s what Megan Willome‘s book The Joy of Poetry is doing for me. Did I mention I’m giving away an autographed copy of Megan’s book? (Winner announced after the poem). Here are some lines that came to me while out running this past weekend.

The Earth Opened Up Before Me

the earth opened up before me,
and I ran as in a dream, legs
alive apart from body,
breath morphed into a living
creature, skin baptized by
dew; the light of morning a
scrim of stars; my
thoughts a world within
a world, making space
inside for watching
the birth of light, an
initiation into the day

I am the reason
for all of this:
sky purpling on the horizon,
the way a single rain
drop divots on the sleeping lake
to announce the coming storm,
grass winking and yellowing
in the morning sun.
I am the reason.
and if I am,
so are you.

The winner of the autographed copy of The Joy of Poetry is … Lynn Morrissey!


  1. Lynn D. Morrissey says

    I’m overwhelmed by the extravagance of your exquisite words today, the extravagance of this gift of poetry from Megan, and the extravagance of these kind words from your readers….appreciating my joy in receiving this generous gift. Thank you one and all.
    I simply can’t wait to dive in.
    thank you sooooo much!!!

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