How to Land Softly (When You Come Down from the Mountain)

all photos by Bruce Davis

It’s been raining for two days and I can’t help but smile because I am picturing God watering all the seeds we planted at The Seed Conference over the weekend. It seems like those seeds quickly take root in my heart but my mind is slow to follow. I’m still processing, asking God what He wants me to take away from the weekend.  There were so many things.

I sat in the back pew in church on Sunday and worship seemed to fall flat. It wasn’t anything that happened or didn’t happen. My heart was just still on the mountain. I went home and planted the flowers I left the conference with and did some laundry and worked with the numbers on the Vibella jewelry sale. I felt restless and tired all at once but I couldn’t seem to settle down.

So I went to my prayer place and asked God about it. Here is what I heard:

Be gentle with yourself.

This weekend was such a precious time. My heart has been so happy and I’m so grateful to Jesus for the ways He drew us nearWhen we started planning for Seed over a year and a half ago, our goal was to be a blessing to the women in our community. We had no idea how blessed we would be in the process.

But I don’t want Seed to be just another spiritual high. I want to hold on to this feeling.

I am reminded of how, when he came down from Mt. Sinai, Moses’ face was radiant with the glory of the Lord (Exodus 34:29). Over time, however, the brilliance faded (2 Corinthians 3:7-8). Each time he met with God his face would light up all over again.

Friends, to hold onto to this glow from the mountaintop, we need to keep meeting with God. I am telling you, your time alone with God will be even sweeter when you remember all the goodness of the weekend together.

Here are a few other things that have been helping me land softly as I come down from the mountain:

Write it out. Today I finally found time to jot some notes down about our time at Seed in my journal. These notes are just for me, so they are a bit cryptic. From the name of the first woman I prayed with, to the favorite song, to something special that happened between only me and God, I jotted it all down. Now, when the radiance begins to fade, I will go back and read and remember. A stone of remembrance, this journaling.

Listen to some worship music. I’ve been hooking my phone up to the old cordless speaker in the kitchen and singing along as I cook dinner each night. Amazing how singing lifts my heart.

Some of you have asked me about the music we sang together. Here are a few links you can check out if you want to listen some more:

On Amazon: Ellie Holcomb’s CD Red Sea Road  has the track “Wonderfully Made”.

Audrey Assad’s CD Fortunate Fall  has the track “Good to Me.”

On Apple music: Kari Jobe’s Healing Waters that has The More I Seek You. 

And here is a Youtube video of that beautiful song with lyrics.

I asked Greg to play Christa Wells’ latest CD Velveteen on our breaks. Her song “One Day” from that album has been getting me through the past few weeks.

Practice gratitude. It was so, so hard to get up and go to work Monday morning. But as I merged my car into rush hour traffic that morning, I felt a nudge in my spirit. This is your life, Laura. And it is beautiful. I had to agree. That one tiny act of surrender had me counting my blessings all the way to work. Guess what one of them was? Yeah, that’s right. My job.

Get quiet. Spend a few minutes each day being quiet with God. Sit still in a quiet place and notice your breathing. When you feel your breath steady and sure, tell God something like, I am here, Beloved. Then be quiet and listen. If your mind has trouble settling down, repeat your beginning phrase again and keep coming back to it to help stay focused on quieting your spirit. Too many times our prayers are one-sided. Spend some time listening.

These are just a few things that are helping me as I settle back into the everyday. How about you? What’s helping you land softly?

Oh, one more thing. At Seed we hosted a Vibella jewelry party. You know how crazy I am about Vibella, don’t you?  I’m happy to say we’ve set up an online party so any of you dear readers can peruse from the couch. If you use this link, it will help us by contributing to our fundraiser. We’re trying to recoup some of the costs of the conference, as well as add to scholarship money we used to bring some of the women to Seed. Not to mention supporting an amazing ministry. The party closes on Friday, April 27th, so you have the rest of this week for shopping. Here is the link:

What a beautiful thing it is when women gather to worship our Lord and Savior. My prayer for you is that you blossom where you are planted. Trust God with the seeds you plant. And let the darkness lead you ever closer to God’s warming light. Let this weekend serve as a stone of remembrance. Let it strengthen your faith and free you to go deeper in your daily walk with God.

May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord shine His face upon you.


  1. Paula Gamble says

    I love all of this, Laura! Thank you for sharing your heart and always encouraging others! I’m so thankful for you, and all God is doing in you! ?

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