A Night With the Boys

We huddle together, craning necks to see.

It is part of this season, this gathering of parents.

We sit in classroom chairs in this gymnasium, cameras held aloft…

Waiting for our special ones.

The music begins, and I see him.

My little elf.

He has been singing these songs under his breath for weeks…waiting for his chance to shine.

They file in, all red and green and sparkly—take their places on the risers and wait for their cue.

When they lift voice in song—

I smile.

He sings with all his heart…it runs in the family.

He dips and sways with breath and I feel the song of his heart.


For what would Christmas be without the Fourth Grade Program?

After, there is much applause, and we take in a treat at Dairy Queen to celebrate.

The blessings of the season fall upon us.

It is not often we four have time like this to just be together.

It makes them silly.

These three boys of mine.

When I run in the store to pick up some extra lights, I return to find them gone.

They hide from me in the dark corner of the parking lot…all three roaring with laughter at my search.

When I approach, they stare at me from locked door. Husband snaps a picture of me waiting.

All this tells me what I already know:

Boys are weird.

But I love ‘em!

Be together, this holiday, dear ones.

Get silly together.

Let the giddiness of the season hold you for a while.

The joy is tangible.


The star is placed on high…

We lift our eyes and follow its light.

It leads us to Him—

The hidden One; tucked away in hearts until the time that we await.

We prepare.

Lights untangle…and with them hearts.

Hearts made ready by these traditions.

We remember…

Mark these special times.

And Martin Luther’s vision inspires.

We wait…

Oh, beautiful anticipation!

Immanuel, God with us.

For unto us a child is born…to us a son given… (Isaiah 9:6)

Walking in the Light

I’ve just returned from an evening romp around the neighborhood with Lucy Mae. The frigid temperatures do not seem to bother her much, despite her paucity of fur. She was eager to go-a-stomping.

So we went.

We walked in a Wonderland. Twinkling lights winked at me from every window and bush. I felt step spring lighter, and spirits get brighter. Doors boasted wreaths and the eyes of the houses brimmed with greenery.

It was simply delightful.

It made me feel a bit dowdy with my mums still on the stoop. Those babies will be gone tomorrow—


As we strolled under this snow-cloud sky, I couldn’t help looking up….

These large gray masses move across the sky, at first hiding and then revealing. These peeping elusive lights turn my head.

Oh, He hung the moon, Beloved!

Sara keeps me company now, as I sit in expectation of Christmas…

In these quiet moments, I feel Him so acutely.

He is near.

He is here.

As I wait to see His Light…

Brighter than any that will hang on a tree…

Is the One who hung on a tree for me.

I will walk in His light.

Come, O house of Jacob, let us walk in the light of the Lord.”–Isaiah 2:5