The Joy in a Yee-haw

Our Saturday is winding down.

Darkness has already fallen over our little neighborhood.

The weather here today has been fit for ducks, which makes me smile—after this post.

I do love the rain.

This morning, when I heard the thunder, I just smiled and smiled.

Then I curled up with my Lord for a while. It was so warm and cozy.

He knows.

Rain gives me permission to do what I love: write.

I made some progress on the revisions to my adult novel—the ones suggested by one of the editors I submitted to.

That felt good.

Still a lot of work to do there.


I finished my second young adult novel in the Wings of Klaio series!!!!


Celebrate with me, friends?

I printed it out, will do a final read through all at once, and then will send it off to my editor.

The boys and I and Lucy Mae went for a celebratory walk around the neighborhood. The rain was just misting, the clouds hanging low.

The beauty of a cloudy day is so tangible…the air so thick I want to hold it in my hands. I taste it in my breath, feel it flow inside of me.

I felt its joy.

Lightheartedness is contagious, and the boys soon caught it.

We ran through the neighborhood shouting, “Yee-haw! Derek’s Story is finished!”

Well, Jeffy and I did. Teddy pretended he didn’t know us, and Lucy Mae didn’t seem to care about anything except the fishy smell along the creek bank.

This yee-hawing reminded me of my grandpa. Sometimes–after my parents divorced–sometimes he would spend the night with us if he drank too much. The next morning he would always wake up before everyone, run through the house saying, “Yee-haw, it’s the rooster!” Until we were all awake and giggling.

That’s right. I come from a long line of intellectuals.

But, forgive me, I’m giddy tonight. If I was able to write full-time I wouldn’t be able to stand myself.

Join me in praising God tonight, friends. He loves a good celebration.

Love to you,



So much to do…
Life is crying out to me. Work is crazy, housework goes unbidden, children clamor…still, I write. The enemy will not let me be, and at times, panic wells up inside like a volcano, threatening and cruel.
And so I stop.
Tonight, I stop to be still for a time.
I sit out back, alone in the dark.
And He does not disappoint, does not fail to meet me here.
The Father of Lights.
From the glow of my candle, to the twinkling stars, to the flashing of the fireflies…
He is showing off again.
I love it when He does that.
He reminds me where light comes from.
I close my eyes, but the Light does not fade. He is with me.
There is a song in my heart, and a light before me.
There is no hurry. His timing is perfect. Tonight I will trust in Him.
Tomorrow is another story.
Then we begin again.