31 Days of the Almost Empty Nest: Dinner for Two


Our grocery bill is changing. Even though we still have one hungry teenage boy at home, he’s away from home a lot, and so dinner with the three of us has become that rare treat. So, we’ve gone from feeding this four-person family with two hungry young men, to me and Jeff—staring at each other across the table most nights.

It’s a tricky thing, cooking for two. Have you tried it? I’ll admit we’ve been struggling. I ran into my friend Cindy at Kroger the other day. We were catching up on what the other’s kids are up to, enjoying blocking the aisle, when I realized, she and her husband are empty nesters! Not almost-empty, but completely, run-around-the-house-naked empty. When I pointed this out (not the naked part but the empty part), Cindy grinned from ear to ear. I wondered aloud what they do for dinner (see how my mind works? It’s always food first). She laughed and said she rarely cooks anymore. Most nights, they order out.

Order out? It sounded fun and exciting. Honestly? We have been eating out more. Not much, mind you, Jeff doesn’t care for crowds. But there is a quaint little beer bar close by that we stop at once in a while. They serve Mediterranean fair there, and various pub grub. It’s nice to, on a whim, be able to pick up and go without having to worry about fixing someone’s dinner. One of the first times we ate there, we ordered what Jeff calls a “poo-poo” platter. It was an appetizer sampler, with hummus and warm pita, veggies for dipping, olives, etc. It was the perfect light dinner.

So my husband. He never misses a chance to woo me. One evening, shortly after the poo-poo platter date, he came home from the grocery story with a stock of gourmet meats and cheeses, crackers, hummus and pita, and assorted olives. We made our own poo-poo platter and ate on the back deck, listening to the song of the crickets, and watching the stars appear one by one.

It was terribly romantic. And now it’s become a regular thing. Fun. And exciting.

What are some of your favorite light dinner plans?

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